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The Kalamazoo Hybrid Grill is the best gas grill available, that also cooks with wood charcoal. Discover our high-end gas charcoal combo grill. Discover our high-end outdoor kitchens today.

B Lynx, DCS, Fire Magic, Viking, TEC, Everdure, Alfresco, Kalamazoo, Capital, Vintage. Besonders edel und hochwertig – und dabei nicht ganz so teuer wie der Kalamazoo-Grill – sind die Barbecues von Smeg. Wolfgang Puck has one and sai “Any backyard cook would be lucky to cook on a Kalamazoo Grill. Learn how the Hybrid Fire Grill from Kalamazoo cooks with gas, charcoal and wood in any combination.

Kalamazoo invented the Hybrid Grill more than years ago. To this day, it remains the only gas grill that lets you burn wood and charcoal. Kalamazoo K750HS: Live-fire cooking fanatics are drawn to this high testosterone grill like proverbial moth to flame.

The Kalamazoo Hybrid gives your real estate 0square inches of grilling real estate. The 51-inch four-burner grill blasts out 100BTU . I just discovered the Kalamazoo hybrid grills – For me, always juggling with a very busy life but at the same time being in love with food cooked .