Trangia stove

The Trangia stove has always been produced in the mountains of Jämtland in the north of Sweden. Use and take care of your Trangia stove by following our simple advice and instructions. Jubilee stove in retro version with red coating.

An assembled Trangia stove, including cookware and the burner on the left. Trangia is a trademark for a line of alcohol-burning portable stoves manufactured by Swedish . I was driven to purchase a trangia alcohol stove after a friend accidentally crushed my pop can stove by stepping on it while on a day hike. So if your into prepping and emergency preparedness keeping a Trangia stove and fuel bottle in your cupboard is a good idea. This is just a really quick waltz around the one stove i would never ever swap or sell come hell or high water.

No, there really is such a stove, the Trangia. The Trangia alcohol stove system is, simply put, the most reliable backpacking type stove in the .

Steve Tober has been travelling with his bike for over years and in all that time, he’s only used one stove: the Swedish made Trangia.