Grilled pizza

We have talked about grilled pizza quite a bit here at The Kitchn, but what if you’ve never actually tried this method? Grilled pizza is a summertime meal that has everything going for it. Whip up the dough, top with your favorite cheese and goodies, and grill .

The first time I heard of making pizza on a grill all I could think of was, why would anyone want to do that? I’ve long said that grilling pizza is by far the easiest way for a regular home cook to get pizzeria-quality, soft and airy, crisp, well-charre smoky pies at home . Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Grilled Pizza -Three Ways recipe from Alton Brown. Making your own grilled pizza may seem a little intimidating at first (damn you, burnt dough), but soon it will become your favorite delicious . Is there a better blank canvas for perfect farmers’ market produce than crispy, chewy grilled pizza?

Learn how to make grilled pizza from Steph Anderson of Confessions of a. Mix the flour, yeast, sugar, teaspoon of sea salt, tablespoon of oil and 180ml to 200ml of tepid water.

Knead to an elastic dough, then cover and leave to rise .